Shipping policy

We send your order within 24 hours with 1-5 working days delivery time.

Contact us at if you want to know more about your order, cancel a purchase or complain about something.


When you order and pay, you will receive an order confirmation in the email basket. It says everything about your purchase and your order number.


We will email you as soon as we find out if a delivery is delayed or if for some other reason we can not send what you ordered. We will deal with the delay as soon as it appears, but you have the right to complain about the purchase in case of delayed delivery. Email us and we will refund you within 14 days.


Is the package rattling worryingly or is a scratch visible? Let us and the transport company know as soon as you can if you suspect that the product has been damaged during transport. This applies to both damage you can see and not see, so carefully remove the packaging and examine the product carefully. Remember not to use the product and save the packaging so that we can examine it. Depending on the extent of the damage, we will replace the product or we will refund you.


If CLEO has failed to charge the customer shipping fees, it has the right to draw up an invoice that can be sent afterwards, regardless of the time interval. If it has communicated something else, the customer must prove to CLÉO that they have a different shipping cost than what is stated on our FAQ.


If you do not pick up your package on time and it is sent back to us, you will of course get the point amount back no later than 14 days after we find out that the package has been returned to us.